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Last 10th & 11th of march I went to spend a weekend in Cauterets for the Roxy Yoga & Ride event and Garosnow festival. On the program : girls, ride, yoga, live music, spa and burgers!

I was accompanied by my friend Maéva and by Élodie from the blog Goofy Coconut  and her friend Sophie, the tourism office of Cauterets welcomed us like princesses and organized everything perfectly. The weather wasn’t really nice and we got some rain on the village and a lot of wind and water on the ski resort, but despite that we spent a wonderful weekend.

Maéva and I left Biarritz at 6am on Saturday morning with the first train for a trip of about 3 hours by trains and bus to Cauterets, we planned to sleep on the train but we were too excited by the upcoming weekend and ended up talking the whole trip while eating Belvita and chocolatines as breakfast. When we arrived in Cauterets we dropped our luggages at the hotel and joined the other girls in the middle of the first yoga class, unfortunately we missed this first class because we arrived too late. Once presentations were done we popped to the hotel to change and get ready to go riding. Matthieu, the representative from the tourism office, warned us about the weather conditions, strong wind was announced on the resort and skiing conditions were pretty tough, but Maéva and I were super motivated so we decided to give it a go, Élodie and Sophie, as for them, chose to go for a hike at the Pont d’Espagne (all the informations are on Élodie’s artice in French here >> Un week-end à Cauterets).

Once in the telecabin we started to question our choice about going up to the ski resort, the wind was getting stronger as we were going high and the cabine was pitching dangerously, we finalement arrived safe on the Cirque du Lys, but we had a few frights. Once on the ski run we didn’t really feel the wind anymore but the sky got very cloudy in a few minutes and it started to snow/rain, we couldn’t see anything and it was a little complicated to ski, but we were so stoked to be here we still went riding for a while with a big smile on our face before going back to the village, soaking wet but happy.

After all those emotions we deserved a nutella crepe, right? So we went to explore the little village of Cauterets, looking for crepes, and we finally stopped in a café that looks like a wooden cabin and seemed nice, well we had to sell a kidney to buy ourselves a frozen crepe but the nutella made it all worth it! Then we left to the Bains du Rocher to enjoy the outside jauzzi and a live show of Synapson. It was pretty strange to be all warm in the water in front of the massage jets while it was pouring rain. After the concert we headed to the spa to do hammam, sauna and ice cold water shower, with all that we were pretty relaxed (and softened) for the night concerts of Garosnow.

We met Élodie and Sophie at the restaurant le Royalty, just next to the Royalty Café where the Garosnow festival took place, we talked about our little adventures of the day while eating delicious pizza and a fish and chips for me, before moving next door to the bar for the concerts. The music was really good and the party quickly took off, after a few drinks, including the famous blueberry mojito (#teammojytille), we went dancing all night long! Well, not really, I put on my boring mum cap and dragged my frenzied friends out of the bar at a decent time, and that was a good thing given our face at breakfast! What’s best than a yoga class to recover from a party! We joined the other girls for the second yoga class of the weekend with Caroline Béliard. The class was awesome and we all benefit from it, Caroline is very sweet and gives a meaning to every posture, and I had Élodie right next to me, who is also a yoga teacher, to guide me through some of the postures, especially the headstand (I almost manage to hold it by myself this time!)

Then we went for a couple of hours to the Bains du Rocher again, ate a big and delicious burger before heading back to Biarritz after an amazing girly weekend!

Informations & addresses

To go to Cauterets :

The village is easy to reach by car but you can also use public transportation to go there like we did, trains will take you to Lourdes, then you have to take a 45min bus up to Cauterets.

More informations here : https://www.cauterets.com/venir-a-cauterets/

Hotel : Asterides Sacca, located in the middle of the village and 2min walk from the Lys telecabin.

Ski pass : Cauterets ski resort ou Lys Circus, with its 24 ski tracks, its beginner area and its Oakley Freestyle Park, is part of the n’py network, so you can get a daily pass on a rechargeable card or you can choose to get the n’py no souci card if you are going skiing often, then the total of your ski days will be charge on your bank account at the end of the month (no need to stand in line anymore, you can go straight to the resort) and you can also enjoy reduce prices and special offers along all the season.

For nordic activities, like cross-country skiing, snowshoes, sled, go to the Pont d’Espagne and its beautiful landscape.

Spa : The Bains du Rocher are a thermal spa, a thalassotherapy center and a fitness center, but we only went to the spa with its outdoor pool and jacuzzi, the hammam and the sauna, it must be really magical under the snow!

Count 18,50€ for a 2h pass and don’t forget your swimsuit, your towel and your slaps, or prepare some extra money to rent them.

Restaurants/Bars :

The Royalty : Pizzas are delicious and the fish and chips with the homemade fries is a killer, don’t forget to book your table in advance!

The Royalty Café : Just for a drink or to dance all night, it is the place to be for parties.

The 88 : The burgers are amazing and the boss is never at a loss for words!


Thank you again to the tourism office of Cauterets for invitating us and organizing this great weekend!

To follow the news and weather conditions of the village and the ski resort go to their website cauterets.com or on their Facebook page and Instagram account.

And you, have you ever been there? Tell me about your experience and favorite spots in the comments ;)

And to finish, a little SURPRISE! I am launching my YOUTUBE channel! Tadaaaa! So here is my first video about our little trip to Cauterets, I hope you will like it, let me know what you think and subscribe ;)

Talk soon,


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