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Who never dreamed of surfing on the wild Australian coasts? The Bight in South Australia is made of perfect waves, crystal clear water, an untouched landscape, a little natural paradise that is now threatened by Big Oil companies. But this was without the determination of local organizations and surfers, who made BP pull out of the project, but the fight is far from over as other Oil companies are lushing after the Bight waters. Never Town tells the story of this spot and the fight of local surfers to protect it. Through this story Patagonia is calling every surfer on the globe to take action and defend our surf spots and our planet, against industries and governments always more ambitious, led by money and power.

“Part surf film, part conservation film, Never Town takes a journey along some wild coastlines and talks with the people fighting to keep them wild. Filmed along the Southern Ocean coasts of Australia, it’s an exploration of what these places mean to surfers… and what surfers are willing to do to save them. As surfing elder Wayne Lynch says, “We mythologised these places. We lose them and we lose ourselves.”

Never Town spans Australia’s vibrant southern fringe from the dusty edge of South Australia to the deep forests of Victoria and Tasmania. It features the surfing of Dave Rastovich, Dan Ross, Belinda Baggs and Heath Joske, set alongside conversations with coastal activists who are standing up against deepwater oil drilling and industrial fish farms.

Midnight Oil, Yirrnga Yunupingu, Ziggy Alberts and Bad Dreems provide a distinctly Australian soundtrack. With coastlines around the world under pressure like never before from growing populations, rampant development and exploitation from resource companies, Never Town is a rallying call for surfers and local communities to stand together to protect the wild spaces around them.”

To watch the full movie click here : Never Town

“And there, perched on the vibrant edge of this continent, are surfers… surfers who know this wild space intimately, surfers who cross that edge and paddle out into the ocean pretty much every day. There is no group better qualified to be the spirited defenders of the coast.” – Dave Rastovich, Global Surf Activist

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