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Sunny days are not gone yet, there still time to put on your running shoes and put yourself on sport. After a lot of good surf this summer, let’s not lose it all, even far from the beach it is always good to do some exercises.


What kind of sport ?

When you can’t surf all year long (don’t like the cold?) endurance sports like running, riding a bike or swimming are excellent compromises, every muscles are used and it also helps your breathing, very useful when you will get back in the water or to struggle with the cold water, for the braver of you. The good point with running is that you can do it outside wherever you want and discover new places even in winter. Swimming is good for your arms, so they are not too rusty back in your board in warmer days !

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When is it better to eat ?

You just eat when you want to ! If you are an early bird and like to get up and move then it might be better to eat a little something, like half a banana, a few almonds or a cereal bar half an hour before you start, it should be enough until a real breakfast. During the day the best is to do sport away from your meals.

Pro or con gym club ?

If you plan to go at least twice a week only because it is quite an investment. Suscription fees, 6 months or a year of engagement and places usually crowded, all this should make you think twice. The best is to join a club with your friends and to go together, so you can motivate each other, or you can go to classes with a coach, it is usually more effective than practicing alone.

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