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Summer is coming and we can see more and more in magazines some words like “juicing” or “detox” as Spring diet. Better than a diet, juicing is a real healthy ritual, tested and adopted !

tumblr_nicyhoZpFZ1tmno5no1_r2_1280What is juicing ?

To juice mean to extract all the juice contained by fruits and vegetables with a juicer or a juice extractor to obtain a nutritional mix full of vitamins. Not to be confused with a “detox” which consists in feeding yourself exclusively with food that stimulate toxins elimination in your body (it can be a juice but not always!) in order to do a “reboot” of your system. This is a quite controversial theory, some people are convinced that a “detox” twice a year is efficient and good for your health, when others are crying foul saying that it doesn’t do any good to our body because our liver and kidneys naturally eliminate toxins all year long, detox or not. So fad diet or health revolution it is up to you ! Here we are talking about juicing, in other words the absorption of a large quantity of fruits and vegetables in the form of juices (different from a smoothie which is mixed fruits with all the fiber and is absorbed slower by our system). The most extremes of us will go for 100% juice cures going from a week to one or two months (maximum!), when the rest of us will simply add juicing to our daily routine, with one juice a day for example, more or less depending on your needs.


Why should you try juicing ?

To loose weight, to be in a better form, better health ou simply because you are curious, it is up to you to find your motivation. Some people found an healthy lifestyle thanks to juicing, some others incorporated juicing in a diet, others found a remedy to health problem, more or less serious. It is important to know that our modern nutrition, mostly made of processed food, isn’t always well supported by our body, sometimes you can feel it, sometimes not at all. Some little disorders can appear without you suspecting your food in the first place, for example some skin problems, digestion disorders, migraines or simply fatigue, lack of energy. The huge amount of nutriments in a juice and their fast absorption help our body to face those possible disorders. However be careful not to go too extreme, 100% juicing cures only concern people with severe obesity, for most of us, introducing juicing in a healthy and balanced diet is enough to feel the effects. It is not a question of starving yourself, if a juice is not enough make it bigger or eat a banana, a rice cake, a handful of almonds. Let your body get used to it, listen to it, it is the most important !


The result

I, personally, tried juicing on a two months period, with one juice a day, essentially for lunch. The first three weeks the effects were quite light, I was still tired, and the strictness of juicing with all the fresh fruits and vegetables (organic is best) groceries, juice preparation every day and a few munchies sometimes, it wasn’t always easy (starting with someone can help you to stay motivated). The first weeks done, my body got used to it and I started to feel all the benefits, a better form, a better sleep, a thinner silhouette, a clean and clear skin, brighter hair, etc. Today I experience withdrawal symptoms when I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and my fat or sugar craving almost disappeared, it is a true miracle ! I think there is no perfect recipe, everyone try his own mix and evolve with his own taste. It is easier to start with a lot of fruits and add more green vegetables as you go along. Do not hesitate on quantity, especially if you’re used to eat a lot. And enjoy it ! Some juice taste really good, and if you are craving for a pizza, eat a pizza ! One “fat” meal from time to time is also good for the mood ;)


A few movies you can watch to get more informations :

– Fat sick and nearly dead

– Super Juice Me !

– Hungry for change

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