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Lindsay Perry is the must-know woman these days. Surfer, musician, artist and Billabong muse this cute brunette from Florida is as beautiful as she is talented. Surf Madame met her to know more.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Hi!!!! My name is Lindsay Perry.. I’m a surfer/musician/artist/model and professional human ;)

Photo : Gunner Hughes
Photo : Gunner Hughes

What/who inspires you the most in life ?

My mother — she passed away at 40 years of age. She was a great human with amazing morals. She taught me to be a good person, live/love to the fullest and always do everything with my whole heart.

How did you start surfing and what do you love in this sport ?

I started surfing a bit late compared to my friends/colleagues. I was 16 and I became completely enamored with the culture & everything it encompassed. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve shed a lot of my previous admirations for the sport & have fallen more in love with the nature aspects.. The ocean/being a part of something bigger than our little self absorbed worlds. I’m also very grateful that surfing has given me the gift of being able to connect with young girls & people I would have never gotten to meet otherwise. Traveling has so amazing too!

Photo : Gunner Hughes
Photo : Gunner Hughes

You are a surfer but also a musician, an artist and a model, how do you express your femininity through all those activities ?

I think through photos, mostly. I have had the ability to express my creativity with makeup, fashion, creative directing, styling, etc. And even after; creating lookbooks and digital projects with the images. It’s a great outlet & always allows me to keep my deep seeded lady roots ;)

You have a really nice voice and we love your songs! How would you describe you music ? What are you up to right now ?

Thank you, thank you!! Hmm, that’s always a tough one.. I supposed that would be like describing ones own fashion style! Id say my music is definitely not very love-sappy.. I’m not really into that sort of music expression. I love to write and sing the blues & just keep everything funky/light hearted. Music is all about escape and FUN to me!

Photo : Gunner Hughes
Photo : Gunner Hughes

How is it to do what you love as a carreer ? Have you always wanted to live this life ?

I am so thankful every single day & work so hard to maintain my work life. I feel that if I am always appreciative and never lose my work ethic/humility, I’ll be a-ok! Of course, I definitely dreamed of this.. Even manifested it, to be quite honest. I still have to pinch myself sometimes ;) ..can’t express how thankful I am to be roaming the earth, doing what I love most and sharing it with the world!

Your career leads you to travel a lot, what was your favorite place ? Any country you dream to go ?

I loved Europe! And I just recently went to japan. Dream country? Hmm, probably explore more of Europe! I feel like I didn’t get enough time there. France was incredible :))

You have many tattoos and we love it! Can you tell us more about what they represent for you ?

My tattoos are all about life, death and love. I mentioned earlier, that I lost my mother.. I was 18 at the time. She and my step sister passed away. 5 weeks later, my aunt passed as well.. Things then got rather mentally and emotionally interesting. Deep/long chapters of reflection and self realization.. I’ve had a very colorful upbringing and for me, my tattoos represent the things I’ve seen, learned, been through and triumphed over. I think 95% are for my mother. (She’d probably be a little fussy if she knew I had so many for her! Hahaha!)

Photo : Gunner Hughes
Photo : Gunner Hughes

Any word or phrase you overuse ?

Oh man, so many. Recently, it’s been “Mahalo” my friend and I are always poking fun at “bro’ey” guys and their jargon.

All photos : Gunner Hughes



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