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If you didn’t find you perfect summer wetsuit yet or if you like original and unique pieces you might like Neon Wetsuits. This small Neoprene brand based in Newquay, in Cornwall, UK makes the wetsuits only on order and they are all handmade in their workshop, with no pretension.



Elsie Pinniger, founder of the brand, first wanted to create a wetsuit for herself, the simplest possible with style and colors. Other surfers then started to ask about her wetsuit and to place orders after they saw it on her in the water, so was born Neon Wetsuits in 2007. For a long time she kept her creations as a hobby, but she finally decided to make it a business, making a point of honor in keeping the production at home in Newquay. See the video below from Huck Magazine to find out what lies behind Neon.



The concept is simple and yet innovative, you just have to go to the website neonwetsuits.com and pick a style from the different templates, then let go your creativity and make it the way you want it with the colors you want. Whether you are classical or eccentric, compose a wetsuit for yourself that you will be the only one to wear ! The latest news is the reversible wetsuit, perfect if you are hesitant about two colors or if you want a simple black wetsuit and an other one more colorful ! Among the different styles you can find stripes, V designs, curves or high waisted shorts and brassiere with a 50’s inspired style kind of like Gidget, love it ! Just put your own style and taste on it and you got it !


A real authenticity emerges from Neon Wetsuits, you can really identify its founder’s personality and humility, a very talented and inspired woman. Focused on the pleasure of surfing and on doing things right Elsie is the kind of business woman we like at Surf Madame.

This small and convivial company likes to interact with its customers, feel free to give them your opinion or to ask them anything.

To start creating your personalized wetsuit and/or make an order click here : neonwetsuits

Crédit photos : neonwetsuits.com

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