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When there are no waves the sand is not mixed and the water becomes transparent, with the ocean being totally flat but beautiful it is hard not to go in the water, a stand up paddle is then a perfect alternative. I was a bit reluctant with the idea of investing in a paddle because it is very big and bulky, especially when living in an apartment, but I indulged myself by the inflatable version, which is a lot more practical to stock and carry.

After some online researches my choice turned towards the Itiwit inflatable paddle from Decathlon, the price was the decisive element, about half the price of competitors, and the guarantee of quality and the effective customer service of Decathlon confirmed my choice. In terms of budget the stand up paddle costs €400 for the medium and large models, €300 for the small one, to which you’ll have to add a paddle from €40 and a pump costing €50. Once deflated it folds into a big bag with shoulder straps so you can carry it on your back, it is pretty heavy though and I don’t recommend you walking a long distance with it, but to head to the beach it is very convenient.

The inflating process takes about 8min, it will heat up your arms a little bit, especially the last 2 minutes, but it is totally doable. Deflating is very easy too, you’ll just have to make sure there is no more air inside so you can fold it back into the bag.

Once on the water it is true happiness, the stand up paddle is very stable and comfortable, you can paddle around for hours without any problem when the ocean is steady. However be careful to adjust your paddle size properly to avoid a bad posture and back pain. Then it is up to you to vary the activities, from a simple cruise to a day long coastal trip or some offshore snorkeling, it is a nice way to enjoy the ocean while is all calm and steady.

More informations about Decathlon paddle sports on Itiwit website.

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