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When on the road all we care about is adventure and fun. We explore every place we go, enjoy beautiful landscapes, parks and sleep wherever we want, living one day at a time. Because we love nature, we want to protect it by reducing the negative impact we can unknowingly have on the environment. So here are a few eco-friendly tips to keep in mind when travelling and hitting the road.

1/ Avoid plastic

Plastic is absolutely everywhere and is an undeniable threat to our beautiful planet, especially the ocean! When going on a surf trip, there’s an easy way to reduce your plastic consumption. Simply replace as many of your usual plastic items such as bottles, shopping bags and tableware with reusable ones. You’ll have less trash, and you’ll have cool stuff that you can keep and bring everywhere with you! Isn’t it way better to drink water in a nice reusable bottle than in a plastic one?

2/ Pick up your trash

This seems obvious, but so many people leave their trash behind them when going on a picnic or camping. Every piece of trash left behind can end up in the ocean, get eaten by animals and take years to decompose! Also, nobody likes to eat or sleep surrounded by other people’s garbage. So, it’s very important to leave your camping or picnic spot the way you found it (or even cleaner) so others can enjoy it as well. Set the right example.

3/ Use eco-friendly beauty products

Washing your hair and brushing your teeth on a parking lot or on the beach is a pretty standard thing when you’re living in a van. But unfortunately, there’s an ugly truth. The chemicals in our beauty products are extremely dangerous for the environment! Lucky for us (and for mother nature) there are a few eco-friendly cosmetic brands that make fantastic non toxic products, perfect for you to take on the road. We used the brand Stop The Water whose beauty products are all you need on any outdoors trip. Their products are harmless to the environment and they even make travel kits with smaller bottles. What more could you ask for ?

4/ Eat local

While you’re exploring new places, food is definitely part of the adventure. Whether it is a restaurant serving local specialities or fresh food from the market, eating local is always a more interesting experience. By avoiding supermarkets and processed foods you are reducing your ecological impact and also supporting small and local producers. Plus, it’s usually healthier and tastier!

5/ Drive less, walk more

Driving is obviously a huge part of a road trip, but also a huge source of pollution. So why not give your van a break from time to time and go explore by foot ! You might even discover hidden spots that you wouldn’t have found by driving. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the great workout you’ll be getting from all that walking !

If you want to share your experience and tips on being eco-friendly on the road leave a comment :)

Article originally written for Billabong’s blog : Eco tips for the road

Photo credit : @serenalutton

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