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You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest, Instagram or in healthy restaurants already, the buddha bowl is the trendy meal lately, looking beautiful and appetizing, the “salads-bowl” is perfect for a quick lunch break, a lunch at the beach after your surf session or to take on a hike. It is healthy, not very calorific, copious and delicious, so go for it !

I read that the name buddha bowl comes from the belly of buddha all full and round, represented by the bowl, truth or nut I love that little story. The idea is to put in a bowl pretty much everything you want, there is no real recipe. Most of the time it is vegetarian or vegan, it has a base made of rice, quinoa or lentils to which you add veggies, legumes, seeds, etc. Pour mine I chose a rice base (because it is the fastest to cook) and I added an avocado, a carrot, a tomato, cucumber and some lamb’s lettuce and arugula. Then I dusted it with sesame seeds, lin seeds and chia seeds and I used soy sauce as a dressing. I see a lot of people putting also chickpeas, squash seeds, sweet potato, soybeans, etc. You can put whatever you want, healthy or not, vegetarian or not, leftovers from your fridge, everything works! It is very quick and easy to make and way more fulfilling than a salad in my opinion, I like that you can try different ingredients and mix things, I think I’m going to try one with mango next time to add a little tropical touch. Feel free to share your recipes with me in the comments ;)

Bon appétit !


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