Riding the mountains, ski or snowboard?
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Fresh snow and sunshine are not lacking in the French ski resorts and all we dream about is hit the slope and ride all day. There is only one question : ski or snowboard?… Read More

Chirashi, the easy Japaneese bowl
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If you like sushis you are going to love the chirashi bowl! A pretty simple meal to make, rather generous, fresh and delicious, a classic for asian food addicts like me.… Read More

Why I changed my mind about Yoga
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I started yoga a few years ago for the wrong reasons, because it was what all the surfers and cool girls were doing. Today I completely changed my mind about it and I am telling you why.… Read More

How I started surfing
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Many of you asked me questions about how I started surfing, my progression, etc. So here it is, a quick story about my surfing background, from the Oleron Island to Biarritz, by the way of California and Bali!… Read More

New year, new challenges! Hello 2018!
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At this time of the year it is the tradition to review the past year and to focus on the new year to come and its share of challenges and projects. A very happy new year to all of you!… Read More

What to do with your old wetsuits ?
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If you care about the environment and refuse to throw away your old wetsuits knowing that they will be harmful for our beloved planet, here are a few solutions to get rid of them or give them a second life!… Read More

Eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas
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By choosing to offer gifts both useful and eco-friendly you reduce the environmental impact of your Christmas shopping and you encourage your family & friends to have a more sustainable attitude as well!… Read More

Venta Yasola sunrise hike
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Sunrise and Fall colors from the Venta Yasola in Urrugne, a short and accessible hike, perfect to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and admire the view on the bask mountains.… Read More

Back into shape : improve your physical condition to get better at surfing
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Improving your physical capacities can really help your health and your abilities when surfing. Here are the key elements of my “back into shape” experience.… Read More

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