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Hang out with Belinda Baggs : Log & swim fin session
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A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet Australian surfer and Patagonia ambassador Belinda Baggs for a little surf & swim session in Biarritz.

Veggie spring rolls
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Fresh and colorful, spring rolls are perfect for lunch on the run, a starter or a snack you can bring anywhere with you. Easy to make and to keep fresh, it makes a healthy and practical meal.

Bali Part 2 – The Bukit
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After tropical forests, rice fields and the discovery of the balinese culture in Ubud, time for sunshine and surf! For the second part of the trip we headed south to the Bukit peninsula, more precisely to Bingin.

Bali Part 1 – Ubud
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Ubud and its area is located in the center of Bali and is known for its humid climate, the forests and the rice fields. Read more about the few days I spent in Ubud between tropical forest, tradition and city life.

Cosmetics for surfers
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To be quick and efficient before and after the session it all starts with the right products, here are a few cosmetics and care products good for surfers, but not only!

Surf fashion, back to black?
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For a few years now we have been seing colorful and feminine wetsuits everywhere, but this year something different is slowly emerging, a return to black and sobriety.

5 daily habits to fight against ocean pollution
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Simply changing just a few habits is your daily life can already make a difference and help reduce plastic waste in the water more than you think.

Juin Swim, surf & vintage
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Check out Juin Swim, beautiful swimsuits entirely handmade in France, spread through the heritage of swimsuits from the 60’s and the surf and vintage univers of its creator.

Fishpeople, lives transformed by the sea
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The ocean, its vastness and its diversity, fascinates as much as it terrifies, Fishpeople makes a portrait of those men and women who dedicated their lives to the ocean.

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