Understanding surfing conditions
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Reading and understanding weather forecast and surfing forecast websites means headache. Here are a few explanations to help you interpret better the surfing conditions to spot the good waves.… Read More

Being a passionate surfer without being good at it, so what ?
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When you start riding waves and having fun in the water it is not long before you get completely hooked on surfing, but the truth is, with surfing, being passionate isn’t enough!… Read More

Nixon dream team with Leila Hurst & Kelia Moniz
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Nixon signs Leila Hurst and Kelia Moniz, two accomplished surfers who bring a feminine touch to the Nixon team.… Read More

5 Creative French Surfer Girls to follow
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Not only surfer girls, those single-minded mermaids have gold in their hands and a creative soul. Here are a few portraits of those surfer businesswomen and their creations.… Read More

Leila Hurst, an all around superwoman
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Leila Hurst is one of those girls you wish were your best friend. She is a talented and passionate surfer and a free spirit. Having her featured on Surf Madame seemed just right.… Read More

What to do when there are no waves ?
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The ocean can be really unpredictable and sometimes it’s not very generous with waves. To avoid going round and round in circles here are a few fun activities to do on the coast when swell decided not to show up.… Read More

Billabong Summer Event
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I was lucky enough to be invited with a bunch of girls to a Surf & Escape in the forest day by Billabong Women’s Europe in the Landes, return on this wonderful experience.… Read More

Travel Diary : Van life in Australia
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Last year Marguerite told us about her surfer and designer’s life on Oleron Island. After a year of travelling in Australie she comes back on Surf Madame to share her experience.… Read More

Dewaxing and rewaxing your board
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If you use your board regularly the wax ends up being really thick and dirty. To keep your board clean and skid-proof it is necessary to remove the heavy and dirty wax once in a while.… Read More

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