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Yoga for surfers
with 7 Comments

Surfing request that you use a lot your back and shoulders muscles, after a long session it is always good to do a little stretching to relax those muscles and avoid stiffness.

Summer songs
with No Comments

To come along with your beach days, your nap under a tree, your bike rides or your road trips, here is a little summer playlist. Keep your ears wide open and let it go.

Island Escape
with 2 Comments

Little escape on magic island to run away from the crowded spots of the basque coast. Perfect waves, beautiful beaches, good vibes in the water, friends, it’s so good to be home !

Homemade granola
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A granola bowl for breakfast give you a lot of energy for your morning and helps you to hold on until lunch. To find the perfect balance for you noting is better than doing it yourself!

Albertine Surf Collection
with 3 Comments

I already wrote a few words about Albertine in the post I did on Marguerite, and to go a little further with this beautiful swimwear brand we made a little girly video to try their Surf Collection.

Starting surfing
with 8 Comments

Sunny days are back and you are dreaming about surfing and riding the waves all summer with your cute little wetsuit. But it is not that easy, before you get started a few rules are necessary.

Portrait of a modern mermaid : Marguerite
with 8 Comments

Here is Marguerite, first of a portraits series of those true modern mermaids who made the océan their playground and their inspiration.

Juicing, tested and adopted !
with 5 Comments

Summer is coming and we can see more and more in magazines words like “juicing” or “detox” for spring diet. Better than a diet, juicing is a true healthy ritual, tested and adopted !

DIY : Cactus Passion
with 5 Comments

If you are drooling with envy when looking at the latest Billabong video in Sayulita as well, with its colorfull Mexican decor, here is a little DIY to make girly cactus jars easily.

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